Introducing the StarWear Ring Naturally interact with your smart environment
Large coverage
  • 5 to 10 meters standard, works through walls
  • No line of sight problem
  • Brightness independent
Touch your screen remotely
  • Naturally, with your fingers
  • Pixel HD on-screen accuracy
  • Positioning and orientation, freedom of movement
3D positioning
  • Sphere-shaped operating environment
  • No heavy processing or consumption
  • Isomorphic relative positioning in 3D space

Interact with your smart devices

The StarWear Ring allows you to naturally control your connected devices. Using gestures, it changes the way you can interact with your smart devices. Since you always wear it, you won't have to look for other remote controllers when you want to interact with your smart environment.

For example, your can change the luminosity of your lights, change their color or simply turn them on and off. You can even use it with your computer screen to point and click with high precision using the StarWear Ring.

Use the StarWear Ring as a game controller

The StarWear Ring can act as a game controller: using it as a pointing device, the player can naturally interact with the game. This offers a new gaming experience to players.

You can also use the StarWear Ring with a Virtual Reality set or even link it with specific hardware and transform it into a wand, a racket or a rifle. This offers endless possibilities to immerse yourself into games.


In case of a fainting fit, time might be essential for the person's life, the StarWear Ring is able to detect when its owner falls on the floor. If this happens, it can send a message to close family or friends' phones to inform them. Furthermore, using the 3D localisation, it is easy to find in which room the person is lying.

The StarWear Ring allows disabled people to get some freedom back, by allowing them to control their environment while offering them a way to contact help in case of emergency. The StarWear Ring can be used both at home and in hospitals.

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